Project Description
Cross-platform and portable software for interview transcriptions

pmTrans (The Poor's Man Transcriber) is an open source tool for interview transcriptions.
facebook page for questions, feedback, and comments.

Main Features

  • Support for mp3 and wav files.
  • It will rewind the audio two seconds every time you pause and resume the audio. The rewind length is configurable.
  • Configurable short rewind with ctrl+7 (5 segs default)
  • Configurable long rewind with ctrl+8 (10 segs default)
  • Audio loops: rewind 3 seconds every 10 seconds. The frequency and rewind length of the audio loops is configurable.
  • Insert timestamps anywhere in the transcription text
  • Configurable shortcuts for:
    • Pause/play
    • Short rewind
    • Long rewind
    • Activate/deactivate audio loops
    • Insert timestamps
    • Speed up playback
    • Slow down playback.
  • Mini-mode: control the audio playback from other text editors like MS Word or Libreoffice Writer
  • Speed up or slow down the audio playback rate.
  • Works on Linux, Mac, and Windows machines.
  • Requires no installation. Just download and use!
See some screenshots

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